What is chiptuning?
All modern vehicles are equipped with an injection engine that is controlled by a computer: the ECU (Electronic Control Unit). It regulates, among other things, the ignition, injection and air-fuel ratio. When you opt for a chiptuning, the standard values ​​are optimized in order to gain more power and torque.
What is the advantage of a chiptuning compared to a tuning box?
A tuning box is a module that is connected to the wiring and changes the values ​​that are sent to the engine ECU. This cheats the ECU. With chiptuning, around 50 parameters are changed, so that the safety limits remain intact.
How long does a remapping take?
The entire process of an RS-Tronic remapping takes about 3 hours, including a performance test. Several steps can be done simultaneously such as diagnosis, service and performance parts mounting.n
What warranty do I get?
We offer a 5 year warranty on the software as well as a back to stock option if you want to sell the car. Furthermore, we guarantee a power and torque increase after the chiptuning with the only condition that the engine is in good condition and that maintenance has been carried out on time.
What happens after a software update at the main dealer?
With modern cars it is possible that your car receives a software update. If this happens, you can come back to us for a new remapping based on the new update you received. Completely free of charge.
Is there a risk for the engine?
All remappings offered by RS-TRONIC comply to the tolerances set by the manufacturer for both the engine and gearbox. This means there is no risk for the engine.
Should I report it to my insurance? To the vehicle inspection?
Our general terms invite you to notify your broker when your vehicle has undergone an engine remapping. As the emissions are always respected, an additional passage to the vehicle inspection is not necessary.
What will be the impact on consumption?
Everything depends on your driving habits. At a stable speed on the highway you will consume less (we are talking about a decrease of 5 to 10%). However, when you go full throttle and go above 3,500 rpm, it goes without saying that the reverse effect will occur. In general, after the chiptuning, your vehicle will give you more driving pleasure with identical consumption.