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RS-TRONIC is at the forefront of automotive optimization, offering engine tuning and E85 ethanol conversion services. Our services significantly increase the power and torque of your vehicle, while promoting more economical and environmentally friendly driving.

Our professionals guarantee you high-quality service and convincing results. Each engine optimization offered by RS-TRONIC is developed on a dynamometer, ensuring you a reliable and high-performance solution tailored to the specific characteristics of your vehicle.

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conversion e85 superéthanol par RS Tronic

E85 : Ethanol Conversion

Choose ethanol: a clean, economical, environmentally friendly, and sustainable driving option.

Bioethanol is a renewable energy source, derived from the fermentation of sugars found in grains, sugar beet roots, or sugarcane stalks.

Thanks to its high bioethanol concentration, E85 Superethanol reduces particulate emissions by over 90% and nitrogen oxide emissions by more than 30% compared to gasoline.

Superethanol-E85 is sold at an average price of €0.66 per liter (compared to €1.40 per liter for SP95-E10 and €1.31 per liter for diesel). It is the cheapest fuel on the market, allowing you to save €500 every 13,000 kilometers driven.

RSTronic has the necessary expertise to make your vehicle compatible with E85 Superethanol. This is known as a "Flexfuel" reprogramming, which involves adapting the electronic parameters of your engine so that you can run on both gasoline (SP95-98) and E85 Superethanol in any proportion.

Available at more than a thousand service stations in France, Superethanol-E85 is gaining popularity, driven by its lower price and its positive environmental impact.


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