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RS-Tronic, the all-in-one solution to start or boost your chiptuning business.

Engine control unit reading tools

We work with Autotuner. This tool is highly regarded for its extensive coverage and reliability. It has been designed to be very user-friendly, with all operations described in detail, and there's responsive and high-quality online support available if you need assistance.

Engine remapping files

Each engine optimization is developed on a dynamometer before release. This ensures that you receive a reliable and high-performance solution tailored to the specific characteristics of each vehicle. We provide support for all programs from Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.


Our website, featuring the entire catalog, is updated daily. On the contact page, your customers will find your contact information as well as directions to your premises.

Marketing materials

We provide all the necessary marketing materials to ensure an optimal service under the name RS-TRONIC: roll-up banners, business cards, flags, brochures, branded clothing, and more.

RS-Tronic Starting Kit

  • 1 Autotuner slave tool linked to OLSx
  • 1 email address for a duration of 1 year
  • 250 brochures
  • 500 business cards
  • 50 folders
  • 25 pairs of sunglasses
  • 5 T-shirts
  • 1 Rollup
  • 100 Stickers
  • 50 pens
  • 2 license plates

Total value
3415 €
(Excluding VAT)
2900 €
(Excluding VAT)

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Range of marketing accessories

All the items listed below are included in the RS-TRONIC package. If you wish to order more, please contact us.

M - L - XL

15€ HT


60€ HT

Business cards
500 pieces

75€ HT

Pairs of sunglasses
100 pieces

220€ HT

100 pieces

80€ HT

2 500 pieces

250€ HT

100 pieces

135€ HT

License plates
2 pieces

25€ HT

50 pieces

35€ HT


25€ HT

5-step process

RS-TRONIC allows you to enter a highly profitable market to boost your revenue and energize your business.

Engine remapping, or mapping, involves optimizing the electronic parameters of a vehicle to obtain more power and torque while significantly reducing fuel consumption. This parameter adjustment work is carried out individually for each vehicle by our engineers.

With RS-TRONIC, every vehicle will provide more driving pleasure. The increase in power will result in better acceleration, and the improved torque will lead to better performance. Each engine optimization offered by RS-TRONIC is developed on a dynamometer before release, ensuring a reliable and high-performance solution tailored to the specific characteristics of each vehicle.

We guarantee the proper operation of the mapping for five years and the restoration of the vehicle to its original state in case of sale. In the event of a engine management update by the dealership, we will perform a new reprogramming free of charge based on the update.

  • Reading

    Connecting the tool to the vehicle and reading the original file.

  • Sending

    Uploading the original file to the RS-Tronic interface.

  • Optimization

    Modification of the original file by RS-TRONIC.

  • Receiving

    Notification and receipt of the file after optimization. Transferring the modified file into the vehicle.

  • Test

    Each vehicle is road-tested after remapping to ensure customer satisfaction.


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