Terms of Sales

Article 1: Application and enforceability of the general terms of sale

Unless otherwise agreed, any order implies the full and unconditional acceptance of the customer to these general terms of sale, and any other document such as brochures, catalogs issued by the seller has no legal value. The general or specific terms of the buyer can never prevail over these general terms, except for express and written derogation from the seller.

Article 2: Conclusion of the contract

The contract is concluded by the simple signing of the purchase order. By signing the purchase order, the customer irrevocably undertakes to comply with all obligations arising from the contract and these general terms.

Article 3: Amendment of the order

Any amendment or termination of the contract requested by the buyer can only be considered if it is received in writing before any service provided by the seller and/or before the installation of any hardware component. The seller is never obliged to accept a modification requested by the buyer. In any case, if the seller accepts the termination of the concluded contract, the buyer shall be automatically liable, without prior notice, for a liquidated damages equal to 15% of the price specified in the purchase order, with a minimum of 200 EUROS. No advance payment received by the seller will be refunded in case of termination requested by the buyer and accepted by the seller.

Article 4: Price

The services presented on the seller's website are offered by RSTRONIC. The prices indicated are maximum recommended prices. These prices are stated, depending on the media, either excluding taxes or including all taxes. Due to continuous updates, the products may be modified at any time. The final price to be paid by the customer and to be considered is solely the one specified on the purchase order signed by the buyer.

Article 5: Installation of products

Installations are only carried out based on the availability of orders and in the order of receipt of orders. Additionally, installation times may vary depending on the complexity of the vehicles. The installation time specified in the purchase order is purely indicative and in no case obliges the seller to achieve a specific result. Delays in delivery can in no case give rise to damages, penalties, or cancellation of current orders. The estimated duration of fitting parts on a vehicle is purely indicative. This may result in an additional charge if the estimated time is exceeded. Delays in delivery can in no case give rise to damages, penalties, or cancellation of current orders. It is possible that the ABS may not be functional on certain vehicles for a few kilometers after testing on the dynamometer.

Article 6: Warranty

We guarantee only the reprogramming carried out on the vehicle. If the reprogrammed vehicle were to return to its original configuration within 5 years from the date of reprogramming in our workshops, we will reprogram the vehicle free of charge. No engine parts, engine, repair costs, or indemnities will be covered by the seller in the event of damage resulting from the sale of any of its products. The seller also cannot be held responsible for damage to the vehicle resulting from the sale of any of its products.

Article 7: Payment

Unless otherwise stated, payments are made in cash when the invoice is issued or on the due date indicated on it. The customer has the choice to pay either in cash or by electronic money (Bancontact, Mastercard, or Visa). In case of late payment, the seller may suspend all current orders without prejudice to any other legal remedies. Any sum unpaid in cash or on the due date indicated on the invoice automatically incurs a contractual interest of 10%, without prior notice. Fixed indemnity for collection costs due to the creditor in case of late payment: 40€ (Article L441-3 of the Commercial Code).

Article 8: Specific regulations for installed products

The seller draws the installer's or user's attention to the fact that reprogramming of the vehicle, installation of products, or any other intervention by the seller may likely lead to the modification of certain technical characteristics of the vehicles. Vehicles after intervention by the seller no longer conform to the original conformity certificate and are normally no longer allowed to circulate on public roads. The gains announced on the website after preparation are purely indicative. A lower gain obtained can in no case give rise to damages, penalties, or cancellation of current orders. The vehicle will not be re-tested on the dynamometer after a new reprogramming to the original settings at the dealership. The engine mapping installed in your vehicle is the property of RSTRONIC and may not be read, copied, or reused in any way. Manufacturer's warranty The manufacturer of the vehicle may, following modifications made by the seller to the vehicle, refuse to grant the manufacturer's warranty that the customer would normally receive. The seller cannot be held responsible for this loss or refusal of intervention by the manufacturer based on the above. No compensation can be claimed from the seller in case of refusal by the manufacturer to apply the warranty.

Article 9: Seller's Liability

Definition: Vehicle entrusted: Vehicle entrusted to the seller by the customer for the purpose of performing work, such as diagnostics, tests, optimization, modification of engine mapping. External damage to third-party vehicles caused by entrusted vehicles The seller's liability is engaged when a vehicle is moved within or in the immediate vicinity of our workshop: - During the test of a vehicle on the public road by one of our technicians within a maximum radius of 20 km from the company. - During the round trip of the vehicle entrusted by the customer. - During the towing of the entrusted vehicle. However, the seller's liability can only be questioned when moving and putting the entrusted vehicle into circulation by the customer if the vehicle is not insured by an R.C. Auto contract and if the following conditions are met: - the vehicle is driven by an insured person holding a valid and appropriate license for the type of vehicle being driven. - putting the entrusted vehicle into circulation is necessary for the work. In case of a claim, the provisions, amounts, and limitations provided by the law of November 21, 1989, on compulsory motor vehicle insurance, apply.

Damage to entrusted vehicles and entrusted objects The following damages engage the liability of the seller: - External damages caused during tests performed by one of our technicians, within a maximum radius of 20 kilometers, provided that the vehicle is equipped with its usual license plate and that the driver of the vehicle holds a valid license suitable for the category of the entrusted vehicle. - Damages caused to entrusted vehicles during the execution of work. - Damages caused to entrusted vehicles as a result of a fire or explosion within the seller's workshop. In case of fire, blaze, explosion, or smoke, our liability can only be engaged if these sudden incidents occur during refueling operations or work performed inside the insured company's buildings. Likewise, the damage caused will be covered by the seller only up to a maximum amount of 1,500,000 EUROS. Damage to items in the trunk or inside the entrusted vehicle will never engage the seller's liability.

Theft of the vehicle The civil liability of the seller is engaged for the theft of an entrusted vehicle (including options and accessories) or for any damage resulting from theft or attempted theft. The right to compensation will only be granted if, after a period of 30 days following the conclusion of the judicial investigation, the vehicle has not been found. The seller's liability will in no case be engaged for items transported in the stolen vehicle: - During business hours, vehicles whose keys

and/or anti-theft system control are inside or within them, and if they are located outside the building(s) and are not locked or protected by the anti-theft system. - During the company's closing hours, vehicles that are not locked or not protected by their anti-theft system, whether located inside the building or within the premises. - Theft committed by or with the complicity of a customer or a family member or by a person in their service or by a subcontractor. - Theft of items located inside the vehicle.

Article 10: Customer's Obligations and Liability

As a Customer, you are responsible for: - Your own choice of the Product and its suitability for the intended use, as well as your telephone and postal expenses when contacting us, - Maintaining your vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. - Regulatory declarations that are your responsibility, including those related to insurance as specified in the article. You must provide our staff with all reasonable courtesy, information, cooperation, and access facilities necessary to enable the rapid execution of our commitments; otherwise, we may assert the resolution of the contract solely at your expense.

Article 11: Data Protection

You agree that information concerning you may be stored or transferred in accordance with applicable data protection laws and processed by RSTRONIC. You may request that we do not use information about you for commercial purposes.

Article 12: Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

In the event of a dispute, the French courts will have sole jurisdiction, and only French law will apply.

Article 13: Nullity of a Clause

If any of these clauses were to be declared null or contrary to a mandatory or public order standard of French law, only this clause would be affected by nullity. Neither the agreement nor the other clauses of these general terms would be affected by nullity.