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Quelles sont les différences de stages en reprogrammation moteur ?

The Different Stages of Engine Remapping at RS Tronic

Here, we have compiled and elaborated answers to the most frequently asked questions by our clients regarding our remapping services. Our goal is to clearly present the different types of remappings we offer, from Stage 1 to Stage 3, including E85 and E85+ conversions, customization options, and gearbox remapping.

Whether you're a performance enthusiast, an eco-conscious driver, or simply curious about how to improve your vehicle's efficiency, this FAQ is designed to enlighten, inform, and guide your choice.

Discover with RS Tronic how each type of remapping can transform your driving experience and meet your specific needs.

Key Takeaways:

Stage 1:

  • Increases engine performance (power and torque) with engine mapping without changing vehicle parts.

Stage 2:

  • Increases engine performance (power and torque) with engine mapping alongside the replacement of some parts (sport exhaust, air intake, intercooler).

Stage 3:

  • Increases engine performance (power and torque) with engine mapping alongside the replacement of most engine and chassis parts that can be improved (turbos, brakes, suspensions, exhaust, etc.).

E85 Conversion:

  • Adaptation to use ethanol and gasoline, offering flexibility and economy while maintaining performance.

E85+ Conversion:

  • Combines the power increase of Stage 1 with the ecological and economic benefits of E85.

Gearbox Remapping

  • Enhances the responsiveness and efficiency of automatic transmissions for an optimized driving experience.

Remapping Options

  • A variety of custom options to personalize your vehicle according to your preferences and needs.

Stage 1 – Simply Engine Mapping At RS Tronic

Stage 1 represents the first step towards improving your vehicle's performance. This optimization of the engine control unit's mapping aims to increase performance while reducing fuel consumption. By carefully adjusting key parameters such as fuel injection, ignition, and turbo pressure, RS Tronic guarantees a significant gain in power without compromising engine reliability.

This intervention is ideal for those who want a tangible improvement in their driving experience without undergoing costly mechanical modifications. Thanks to Stage 1, you will enjoy a more responsive and efficient ride, reflecting RS Tronic's expertise and attention to detail.

Stage 2 – Remapping and Performance Parts

Stage 2 is an upgrade in terms of engine remapping. This step goes beyond the simple engine mapping optimization of Stage 1. It includes the adjustment of engine mapping in parallel with the installation of specific performance parts, such as sport exhaust systems, high-flow air intakes, and large-volume intercoolers. These modifications maximize the engine's potential, thus offering a more significant increase in power and torque. Recommended for demanding drivers, RS Tronic's Stage 2 ensures a marked improvement in your vehicle's performance while maintaining a perfect balance between increased power and reliability.

With this optimization, your car not only meets your expectations; it exceeds them, providing you with an exceptional and tailored driving experience.

Stage 3 – Ultimate Transformation for Your Vehicle

Stage 3 represents the pinnacle of car preparation. Designed for extreme performance enthusiasts, this step goes even further than Stage 2. Stage 3 involves significant modifications, including not only advanced adjustments to engine mapping but also the installation of high-performance mechanical components. This may include more powerful turbochargers, improved injection systems, and modifications to the entire exhaust line and more... The intercooler, air intake, chassis, everything is rethought to increase the vehicle's power while maintaining flawless reliability. Stage 3 is intended to fully exploit your engine's potential, offering drastic increases in overall vehicle performance. Choosing Stage 3 at RS Tronic means opting for a professional and radical transformation of your vehicle, propelling it into a new sphere of performance and driving sensations.

E85 Conversion – Flexibility and Economy

The E85 Flex-Fuel conversion is one of the major innovations at RS Tronic, offering remarkable flexibility in fuel choice. This specific remapping adjusts engine mapping parameters to allow your vehicle to efficiently run on ethanol (E85), unleaded gasoline, or a mix of the two. This modification ensures the engine efficiently manages the different properties of ethanol compared to gasoline, ensuring flexibility without compromising reliability and performance.

Opting for E85 conversion with RS Tronic means choosing a more economical and ecological fuel while enjoying an optimal driving experience. It's a perfect solution for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing quality and efficiency.

E85+ – More Power, Fewer Emissions

With the E85+ Flex-Fuel conversion offered by RS Tronic, the benefits of engine remapping take a leap forward. This improvement allows your vehicle to not only run on bioethanol (E85) and gasoline but also on a mix of the two, while offering a power increase similar to that of a Stage 1.

This option is particularly attractive for those looking to significantly reduce their fuel expenses and environmental impact.

The E85+ conversion significantly reduces CO2 emissions while improving vehicle performance.

Choosing E85+ at RS Tronic takes a step towards a more sustainable future, while enjoying an enhanced and more economical driving experience.

Gearbox Remapping – Performance and Responsiveness on Point

The remapping of automatic transmissions at RS Tronic is a key advancement for fully exploiting your vehicle's potential. This technical optimization allows for a more efficient and dynamic management of the gearbox. By reducing the time needed to shift gears and increasing engine RPM, this remapping brings a significant improvement in responsiveness and efficiency. Unlocking the maximum torque also contributes to a more powerful and direct driving sensation. Whether for smoother everyday driving or optimized performance on the track, gearbox remapping by RS Tronic transforms the driving experience, making it more intuitive and responsive.

Remapping Options – Your Vehicle, Your Choices

Remapping options offer clients the opportunity to activate or deactivate certain features not present by default on the vehicle. These options include, for example, disabling the Start&Stop system, removing the speed limiter, activating Pop&Bang mode, and many others.

Each option is designed to enhance your driving experience and adapt your vehicle to your unique lifestyle.

Whether you're looking for a more distinctive engine sound, increased responsiveness, or simply the most comprehensive options package, RS Tronic gives you the freedom to transform your vehicle into a machine that truly reflects your personality and preferences.


RS Tronic stands out for its commitment to providing high-quality engine remapping solutions at competitive prices. Whether it's a basic optimization with Stage 1, advanced improvement with Stage 2 or 3, an E85 conversion for flexibility and economy, or customization options, our goal is to maximize your driving pleasure while respecting your budget. We are proud to combine expertise, innovation, and top-notch customer service to meet your automotive performance needs. Discover with RS Tronic how engine remapping can transform your driving experience.

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